Character: Robot :: UPDATE on page 2

EDIT: Update on page 2
I’ve not been blending for a while, but it seems I’m back on track.
Here’s a WIP robot. I only have the head so far and the neck is still to be tweaked.
C&C are more than welcome.

nice but increase poly more! keep it up! :wink:

The head concept looks great. Just needs a bit more detail :slight_smile:
Keep us updated.

very good m8
same as mr_bomb add more detail, like how it sees and hears :smiley:

put in some details… as if you were carving spheres and symbols… or adding electronic eyes… or stuff… looking neat… just too plain

Looks nice so far, but it really does seem a little empty on the face.

Thanks for your comments.
You all seem to agree that the face lacks of details. I don’t think I’ll add details. I’ll model things in the back of the head, but the face will stay plain. That’s how I see it. Now, maybe when the model is finished and textures, I’ll deside not to let it that empty. We’ll see.
Thanx anyway for your replies.

I think the head could remain simple as it is at the moment when it is balanced by the rest of the body. I like the simplicity. You do need to increase the subsurf level though. Keep it up.

I’ve worked a bit more on my robot.
Here it is:
Tell me what you think so far.

PS: does anybody know how to enlight a scene while using the raytracer of blender? Are there any tutorial out there? Raytracing wasn’t implemented the last time I used Blender so I’m a bit noob with that. Thanks.

add a material to your objects…
look at your shaders box (lambert oreo, all that kinda stuff) and at the top of the box, there should be “mirror transp” click that, click on ray mirror, drag the ray mir slider up… and go to the menu where you select the resolution of the image and image type and stuff… and click on ray… You can also get raytraced shadows too… just adjust the material on your lights…

(I’m using 2.33)

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Not too much difference with image 2, but it’s getting nicer :slight_smile:

I liked the cleanlyness of the first version more. don’t perticulary like those protruding tube thingies you put on there.


First version is best, sorry. I really like #1.

Me too.

OK, I think I’ll forget those tubes then :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comments.

DMBadCat: I actualy wanted to know what kind of lamp to use and where to put them. The lighting set up I used on this picture was done on feeling. Thanks anyway.

you went the wrong direction with the second image! don’t like those things on the head - you should have added a black face mask and then made the entire shell stark white with a little reflection to make it seem like plastic! There is actually already a robot made that looks similar to this one called Isome (i think - i’ll look into it) NIce work but revert to the first image! :wink:

It’s not time for texturing yet. I’m still modeling. I got back to the first version of my robot, but I need a few time to see where I should go. I’d be glad to know a bit more about that Isome you’re talking about.

Here’s an update. I still need to add a few modeling details (in the back of the neck of the robot and maybe on the fly). After that, I start texturing and I try to create a lighting set up that match with the scenery.
I played around with motion blur for the wings, couldn’t resist :wink:
The DOF was achieved with a picture applied as texture to a plane in the background. I’m lazy 8)

Damn I’ve been working on this for 3 days and I’m nowhere. I’m so slow!
C&C are welcome.

This is very nice. Clean and simple design.

I really like it.

Are you gonna go for a clean robot, (i.e. new looking with nice reflections), or all banged up with rust and stuff when you texture?


Thanks BgDM.
I’m gonna aim for a clean look, but I’m not sure about reflexions and such. I’d like to be original so there is probably going to be reflexion, but very slight. I like how it looks untextured, without much specularity. I think I’ll go for something like that. But then again, I’m not very good so we’ll see what I can come up with. It’s just like modeling. Since I’m not good, I must find a way to create interesting stuffs which requires few modeling capabilities. It’s challenging in a way :slight_smile: