Character running and hills..........

I have a character with a run cycle and motion. What I want to know is how to let him run up hills without slowing down drastically or running through them. Does anyone recognize my problem and have a solution?

Have you tried setting the hill friction to 100%?

I wouldn’t set it all the way up to 100%, leave it so you slow down just a little, like irl. :yes:

There is a demo file, with a stick person in it. You can have them run up a hill (i think), climb on an elevator plane, jump, etc.

I thought plant made it, but I must be wrong…sound fomilar to anyone? I have it but I dont know how to find it…

I have modified Social’s character movement system for going up slopes (the origional FPS demo he provided didn’t support walking on slopes at all), the main thing was to add two empty’s with ray sensors and if the lower empty detects the slope, set the Dloc to move the character up a little on the Z-axis, but only if the character is moving and the top empty isn’t detecting anything.

Yeah, that sounds good. I thought maybe just making sure it had a floor property or whatever it is.

If you character is in a box, and the box is moving, doesnt it just go up the hill?

I use socials camera/player and it goes uphill just fine and even over rocks etc. But its in first person, lol. And I think I took all the empties off the bottom. I will look at it tom.

You can go up slopes with the raw setup unchanged but really slowly, you should also leave the empty’s on the bottom. My modified setup allows the character to go over rough surfaces and even small steps.

Yeah, I left the empties on, lol.

Ok it is Plant Person’s file and its called:


Maybe do a search for it here, I think thats where I found it?

Thanks guys! I will see if I can find those demos.

Its here:

25th post, lol. Please let me know how it works for you?

I would not recommend that method anymore. Using dLoc can cause the character to pass through solid walls. Seriously, the 100% friction method works. It works really well.

have you solved it yet? Plant’s idea should work just fine, no need to get fancy, less is more!

Thanks Ititrx, I’m downloading right now.

Hmmm, but plant says not to use it anymore, lol. Now he will delete it from the link, lol.

No, I’ll leave it because I try to prevent broken links whenever possible. The problem is really in the DLoc, but I still recommend friction.