Character Sculpt (Biker/Viking maybe?)

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I wanted to try sculpting in blender after seeing how well it seems to handle it(I messed around with zbrush several years ago). After a couple hours I came up with what I think will eventually be a biker or viking of some sort. I have a rough image in my head for the final piece but that can always change as I go.

I may go further with it depending on the end result of the whole sculpt. Critiques and suggestions are always welcome.


Just a small update. Added in the eyeballs, it is always creepy without them lol. I also did a render and painted over it in photoshop just to see how it would look.

It seems my last post didn’t go through, well anyways I have done a little more, I have pretty much most of the head blocked out. Sculpted the rest of the beard some ears and eyes. Barren sockets always look creepy. Will be working on the body next, not sure how my computer will handle it. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

edit Post did go through, just had to be approved…oops

Very nice! I like the character so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks ShadowCamero, glad you like him so far.

I started working on the body. I will be adding clothes later on but I thought it would be good practice to do some muscle sculpting. It will also give a better idea on how the clothes/accessories will fit him when I get to that. Feel free to give your opinions on it.

Wow, you’re fast! Looks good to me, although I haven’t sculpted any bodies before.