Character: Snowsy (revisited) now with Animation.

Yet another of my older characters getting the new Hair/Fur in Blender.
Tricky tricky…but getting there.

Update: 20-dec-2005: Full body turnaround sheet:

Update - scenetest: 22-dec-2005: Snowsy in an environment:

awww so cute! So cuddlable! ^.^

oh! he’s so sweet! :slight_smile: my only problem is that the hair is waay too messy…

man I showed my sister this and she went crazy. nice model very adorable.

To me the fur looks like real?!! man made fur on a teddy bear, so keep those settings even if its not what your after :smiley:

Good work, I like the tuft of hair on top.


I see your usage of hair is getting better everytime. Not perfect though, but hey… it’s hair. :wink:

Can’t really agree with the way you cropped your image. More space around him (her?.. it?) would be nice. And the iris and pupil should be bigger (less white). He’s looking at me as if he’s saying: “I’m gonna get you…”

Scary :expressionless:

great job but it wouldn’t hurt to do just a little post pro with the cloning brush on the eye region where it’s a bit hairless.

DreamMaster: Thanks :slight_smile:

4go10soul: Thank you. Yeah…I think it´s from wearing that 1800´s cloak.

The_Warder: Thanks, I really like that your sister liked it :slight_smile:

kencanvey: Thanks :slight_smile: - Yeah it´s kind of “teddybearish” isn´t it.

Sago: Yeah, one of the issues I have atm. is that the camera facing fur
looks weird because it looks like a dot rather than fur strands, I have yet
to control such difficult areas as nose/eye and around. Tricky tricky…

Modron: True, I´m such an “anti-postpro-do-everything-in-render” because
I like to see how far I can stretch things, and the hairless area really bugs
me because it´s lack of control really. Thanks for your input.

maybe you’d need to put a texture under strands to compensate for tricky angles.

:o how in the world did u get the fur so realistic???

could u make a small tutorial someday??

could u make a small tutorial someday??

just find a tutorial that will teach u the basics (there are a few) then experement i assume thats what he did although he probably dident evan have a tutorial.


…I wrote one - for the Blender Wiki some weeks ago,
here ya go:

The stuff I did with my character is no different than the stuff
I´ve written in the Blender Wiki, just different colors and light
thats all.


thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is a good work with particles!
awesome! :smiley:


can we use Snowsy in the press release?


Dhanielc: Thanks :slight_smile:


Of course you can.

Snowsy turnaround sheet.

Excellent use of the new fur!!

is he some kungfu warrior or something?

hey man i have been fiddling with the new particles and i was wondering if you know how to make fur clumpy?, someone said it had something to do with using the 8th texture channel