Character: Snowsy - the Snow Wizard

Hi again, I’ve been working on a new character the last two days:

What do you think?

very nice, hair needs to be thicker, but everything looks nice. Toes are too wide, though.

wow that’s cute! :smiley:

very pretty… even if it disturbs at the beginning, I like that the fur is not even on the body.

I think you could make more visible use of guides, as on the arms and the body, the fur cut is the same: vertical! You should make the fur follow the direction of the limb.

I think that the nose is strange, and that the belly would use some more work, but I can’t guess what…

Perhaps the fur should be a very light blue color? Not much as blue as the “hero” in Monsters Inc but almost…

Hope that was constructive :slight_smile:


Looks great for only two days of work. He reminds me of those trolls that all kids had like 10 years ago. Where’s his belly button? And he seems to be a little bit cross-eyed. He’ll definitely make an interesting character.

awfully cute :expressionless:

Thanks people for all your brilliant input, I’ll try to change a lot of things,
here are a couple of suggestions:

Oh nooo…he’s changing the color of my nose too…

You’re using particle fur, yes? If so, give it just a little bit of random velocity, it’ll make it look tons better.

Cohort - LOL :smiley: Particle Fur? I wish Blender could do fur this well with
just particles.

Unfortunately no.

But fortunately we have Fiber… (a vertice-edge strand script that
generates a mesh with hundreds of strands in several meshes)

I know of Fiber, too.

Increase the “randomize direction” and “randomize length %” values then :wink:

Also, you might consider darkening the skin below the fur a bit, so the fur looks thicker.

heh. the character looks good… I like the expression on it’s face too…

the fur looks a bit odd… there is not much of it, and what’s there, is very “uniform”… pieces of it go that that direction, then pieces of it goes to another… I dont know. but, this is exactly why I still keep away from fur in my characters, if possible. I’m waiting for something that happens on rendertime, and not on mesh…


Nice, but it would look better with a UV map underneath the fur that looks like dark strands of hair.

Very nice. Good face. Cute.

Aw… so cute :smiley:


very cute. I agree with the fur. but what about the mouth? i can see the fur looking throug on the inside of the head. i think this would tickle 8).

Want to be the first requesting an animation!!


Yes needs a good animation :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions and comment’s - people.
I’ll definetively follow up on a lot of them.

Now…to animate this baby would be INSANE,
stick me a render-farm like Pixar’s and you got
yourself a deal :slight_smile:

This little cutie contains no less than 1, MILLION
vertices. and with the new-and-improved version
yet to be posted…has over 4.4 MILLION vertices
and some 1.2 million faces.

Hair costs…when it’s polybased.

Oh my god! It’s the return of the tele-tubbies! :o :o