character: spider/eye monster

:stuck_out_tongue: i usally dont make it to the finished projects, whoohooo! :stuck_out_tongue:
i had a free evening and an idea for a one eyed spider monster and here is what i came up with.
as i worked on it i also realized this same type of beast was in the zelda games, so the idea proably came from there. it was all modeled and textured in about 3 hours.
thanks for looking

Whoa, you actually finished something, good job on the creature :smiley:

Game, pls!!! :smiley:

/me pulls out his Silver Arrow and aims for an eye…

Cool, but it isn’t finished…

Animate it! :smiley:

cool very creative i love that eye man but i think its jsut me but i never 100% finish my models always something that could be changed heh

thanks for the posts

Kansas_15- very funny, i just wanted to see if i actually could complete anything for once. i usally make something then half way through i think hmmm what would a one eyed spider monster look like?

Pavcioo- i wish i had the skills and passion to make games. i will try and post the .blend file if anyone would like to us it in a game.

CitizenX- for sure dude, Zelda is one of my all time favorite rpg games. i can remember playing day after day the summer zelda a link to the past came out for super nintendo, thats when video games were at their best in my opinion!

=KH=Lupus- not a bad idea, i really need to learn to rig and animate, but i have so much fun modeling i usally never make it far enough to texture the whole thing, but it is a good idea and i need to learn

Vaccine0101- thanks for the nice post, i think a lot of modelers on this site usally dont finish, i see a lot of great work in the works in progress section go unfinished, and for the most part i think thats fine, just people getting comfortable with learning how to model and texture, then after awhile really making something great, i would consider my self in the begining stages

here is another larger photo, with different eye texture, and with all uv unwraps joined, i forgot to in the first photo

Not much of an improvement, but it’s improved.

I think this would be a good model for you to learn rigging and animating with as it isn’t very complex. I just started learning rigging a couple of days ago and I suggest the tutorials for rigging a hand, and rigging a foot (I think they are on They taught me a lot, and show you how to set up a rig for stuff more complicated than you would need for this model.
I would think it wouldn’t take long to get this thing walking about and blinking at people :slight_smile: