Character + stage + prop modelers needed for RWBY fan series



What’s our project about?

PTCH (Pitch) follows two teams of students as they attend Haven Academy and get involved in the plot of RWBY behind the scenes. From Volume 4 onwards however their story becomes entirely self-contained, independent from the original series.

Our goal is to capture what made early RWBY great while taking the best parts of the later series: Funny dialogue, lively, well-developed characters, Dead Fantasy level action scenes, character development… we’re attempting to make a series viewers can love almost as much as the original.

This is the type of project that would usually die very quickly. However, I’m confident that it will succeed. I have previous experience with directing and producing (though only non-professional), animation included, and we garnered an incredibly talented team over these past few months: Concept artists, a storyboard artist, animators, composers, and even a professional singer for our own Jeff Williams style songs! We also have access to motion capture equipment.

That, combined with the scripts we worked extremely hard on (and which have received very positive feedback so far), indicates that this series could actually become something big. I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but if SLVR and NYON are any indication, the RWBY fandom is extremely excited about big projects like these, and I’m confident we’ll be able to reach many, many viewers.

Here’s a demo of the work we have so far, including scripts, concept art, a storyboard and our first original song:

Is there any hope of this becoming a paid job?

Sadly, we don’t have a budget, but we are hoping to one day receive Rooster Teeth’s permission to monetize it sometime in the future (in which case we would share revenues). I can’t promise anything though, and while RT is generally very supportive of fanmade projects, I simply cannot know whether they’ll accept such a deal. And even if they do, it’ll likely be very far in the future.

What kind of people are we looking for?

  • Blender artists able to model and rig characters in RWBY-style. It’s extremely important to get the faces just right - faces and especially the eyes can go a long way in making viewers empathize with characters, and an uncanney valley can damage that empathy a lot.

  • Stage modelers

  • Prop modelers able to create transforming weapons, vehicles, etc. For the first trailer we’ll need: One character weapon, one atlesian airship, atlesian Knights and early versions of Paladins.

  • Texture artists

  • Animated texture artists: We’re considering using animated textures for the character’s eyes, so we need someone with experience in that field.

What about additional animators, lighting artists, VFX artists, etc?

We won’t be recruiting any of those for now. I want people to be able to start working on something as soon as they join, instead of waiting for something to do for weeks, potentially months. This means that I’ll be posting more casting calls like this one in the future. So if you want to join the project but can’t model, just keep an eye on this subforum! We’ll be back!

How committed do you have to be?

Since I’m aware that this is an unpaid project, I don’t expect a lot of commitment, though I’ll obviously always welcome it. We will need several extremely committed animators and modelers for the series to work, but we’re grateful for any help we can get. There’s only one thing I ask of anyone who joins: If you’re working on an asset and decide you’ll want to leave the project, please try to finish the asset first. At the very least send it in a state that allows others to pick up where you left off. Also, please try to tell us with sufficient advance, so we have time to reorganize and start looking for a replacement without delaying the whole production.

The fact that this is a non-professional project means that, for the time being, we have no deadlines. Of course we ask you to work on your assigned tasks at a good pace, but I’ll try to avoid putting pressure on when to finish them. The goal is to create a relaxed, fun work environment. We’re all RWBY fans here working on a passion project, so that’s what we want it to feel like.

If you want to join, or want to know more about this project before making a decision, message me either on Discord ( Gui#0461 ) or on [email protected]. In case you’re interested in joining, please include your portfolio.

I’m excited to see who will turn up!