Character stretched after texture painting.

Hello everyone. I was texture painting a stick for my character on a diffrent layer and when I was done and went back to my character layer I found this

But when I go back to edit mode I get the normal character

And if i turn my displacement strength to 0 it goes back to normal.

Really need help on this. Thanks


not sure what the actual issue is but clearly it is a problem in the displace yes? first see if putting your subsurf preview back on has any effect as you may simply not have enough vertices to work your displacement properly. second make sure you have the right texture for the displacement assigned. finally if its not fixed then try delete the displace modifier clear out all your scale and rotation settings (CTRL-A) then reassign the displace and adjust the settings to get the right effect.

Well it could be something with the displace, but I dont think so. I just went to a new layer, Created a stick, textured it, went back to the first layer and found the character like that. I checked the displace textures and they look fine. Ill try deleting the modifier and adding it again.

Edit: Tried doing what you suggested, but it didnt fix anything.

hmm , don’t know then. care to share the blend?

I have no idea what just happened. I was about to check the blend file before uploading here to check if the problem is there and it was gone. SO I guess its fixed now. Ill post here if something happens again. But before the problem dissapeared I found a fix that was to lower the midlevel to about .235 .