[Character] Stylized Demon


Some of you might remember this model.


I started it one year ago (I was testing the Optimized subsurfs back then, with the new UI) and I stopped working on it at the end of 2003… until this afternoon when i decided to finish him… i just needed to do his feet but I felt like it would be horrible doing them… finnaly, it took me less than an hour to accomplish… now, the mesh is finished, but the textures aren’t… maybe next year :wink:



Very nice modeling but I have to say… the combination of high quality shading with edges turned on never appealed to me…

Same here.

Ditto ^^^

Hi guys and thanks for the comments!

Well, the edges are there because I had done a lot of tries using different rendering styles, from pure toonish, to the most real skin shader I’d ever done and some strange phases in between. This render is, I beleive in the “middle” phase on the render style (luckily, it’s not the Escher type, yeap…)

I tried taking off the edges, but strangely enough (or not soo much) i find the picture less readable, hum, I’ll upload this…

(why did I flip the picture???)


So there it is… I might need to enhance the contours of the demon with some textures to compensate? what do you think?


Very nice work. The nose seems slightly comical and out of place for such a model’s style however.

Nice all around, could use textures and nipples though.

He needs a beastly weapon of sexuality. (Penis)

I wouldn’t encourage him Desoto unless you want to steal his image.

that’s a good question: ARE demons anatomically correct? Well, Incubi and Succubi would be, but besides those exceptions, I mean, It’s not as if they really NEED reproductive organs, right? well, I guess it really depends on the myths you’re using.

For the anatomical dudes (Desoto, Kansas_15, Gr8RedShark):

you raise an interesting problem as sexual prestance is often considered as a symbol of power (virulent, vir, virilis, virility, the man and the power, great thoughts ugh?) and is often linked to the BigBadBurningGuy…

But I just don’t like to walk along clichés… so I dropped the idea…

well, I guess it really depends on the myths you’re using.

hehe :] or if you’re ready for a long thread that would end up with religious people against hum… (?) the others :slight_smile: (or something else)

I think somebody posted once an image of a demon with a CpEeNnSiOsR ( :wink: what was that ? ), and it just got censored, so I’m not going to try that though I really do not have any problem with it.

Further on, I WOULD do him a beastly weapon of sexuality if he was the, erm, brutal kind of demon (you know : all muscles, no brain)… I think this one is more like the smart and cruel type.
BTW, aren’t demons some sort of fallen angels? And angels appear to have no sex… :o

Concerning anatomical exactitude… or realism, again, I’m trying to get away from those… make things beleivable more than physically correct…

Dittohead: Thanks for the comments! Indeed, a lot of people find his nose is weird, out of place… I’m thinking on changing it, but I have this irrational attachement to it: I always (or very often) start modelling from the nose :] so this guy started as a bunch of nose-polys a grew out of that :slight_smile:
But, well, only an idiot won’t change his nose (or am I confused?)


slikdigit’s little demon guy has a wang,and nobody censored that.

As artists, I think we all realise that the human form is something we can find beauty in, and a challenge to recreate in convincing fashion. That includes all the body parts.

I’m not offended by seeing genitalia in an artwork, and unless the image in question depicts obscenity (and nudity is not obscenity, in my view) - then I say it should be acceptable.

Of course it is polite to flag any posts containing material some would consider objectionable as such, and it should be considered that minors frequent this board, but in general, I don’t believe the naked humanoid form - whether said humanoid has a 12 inch pornstar dick or double-D breasts - is unacceptable.

yeah I remember that. technically, it was well modelled. I didn’t really see any problems with it. I think that was when it was decided that any threads containing nudity had to have “warning nudity” in the title whether it was male or female.

y’know, now that I think about it, Zeus (and others) impregnated lots of mortal women. so he must have had something… :wink:

and yeah the nose does look weird, but I say you should leave it. It makes the demon look a bit more grotesque, and since it’s a demon this is probably what you’re going for.

I wasn’t trying to start some big discussion… just thought that bulge between his legs was suggestive enough so that you could actually add the tackle and have the masculinity of the character enhanced somewhat. Right now he’s obviously very masculine, but he’s missing the crown jewels.

Would it be possible to get a render of his face, possibly snarling?



I tried doing so, though I didn’t have much time… I’m working on creating a good UV layout… anyway: here’s a closeup of the head with some vertex moved, teeth and tongue added and a modified lighting.


ugh, there’s an ugly seam on the nose… and yeah, I haven’t changed the nose -yet- though i should do that before doing the UV layout…


Hmmmm not so sure about the toung. It looks to red and smooth. Try making it pinker, and adding some bumps to it.
Also it looks like he’s supposed to be sticking his toung out at you, as if he’s amused, but his eyes suggest that he’s glaring at you.

Hi my poule !

Yeah I remember that model !
I think, the hands are a little too… little :slight_smile: Enlarge them a bit… And perhaps the… mmmh comment on dit “talons” en english farpait ? … You should stretch a bit the “talons” to … arg jm’emmele dans mon english… (f*cking anatomy vocabulary)… Reculer plus les talons car ils sont trop vers l’interieur du pied, enfin il manque de stabilité ton demon là…
(Very sorry for non-francophones blendies…)

I prefer the non-edged one :slight_smile:

Bye, keep your good job up !

Haha :slight_smile: yo Wizardounet ! :wink:

ça roule?

I already fixed the ankles (je crois), they looked weird.

And I think you’re right about the hands!
Thanks for your comments and I’m pleased reading you again! (where had you been?)

I’m note sure either about the latest picture, as I said, I did it quickly. And

I’m now working on textures (LSCM is great)

It’s going to be my first UVMap of an organic object (uvmapping a cube isn’t the most interesting adventure)!

Anyway, I’ll start a WIP about this later on… know my holidays are over and I now need to study… ugh…

Thanks for the comments about the texture though! when I get some time to draw the maps, I’ll take thme in account…

BTW… what do you think for the skin? what type of skin?


Daniole wrote :

Haha yo Wizardounet !

ça roule?

I already fixed the ankles (je crois), they looked weird.

And I think you’re right about the hands!
Thanks for your comments and I’m pleased reading you again! (where had you been?)

I was too busy busy busy these last months but I browse elysiun, da zoo and the clan as frequently as I can… I don’t have time to answer or talk…

Thx for getting my english vocab. richer :wink:


I’m sorry but this is the first thing that came to mind when I saw your last image.


Sorry about defacing your picture.