Character TD WANTED!!! Low-poly game cartoon

Our european studio is looking for a person from anywhere around the world who is proficient enough in blender and would be open to rig three cartoon low poly characters in one week for a commercial game project.

More info about the rigs we need:
- MOST IMPORTANT - deformation and control hierarchies of characters must be clearly separated because of the export into game engine which cannot handle any dependencies between bones - transformations gonna be baked, only deform bones can stay.

  • No IK/FK arm switch, only FK.
  • Spine cannot be IK-spline-based.
  • Expressions must be done with bones - no Shape keys allowed.
  • Two of them are gonna have a simple prop.
  • We got one character already done, so the rest must match up in armature structure/hierarchy and naming convention.

If you are interested, send me through personal message (where I’m gonna respond) link to your portfolio and your budget for this work.
I prefer to work with professionals.

Thank you.

We team could do this project,
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