Character Template


Here is a screen of the set-up. He does not have any armature actions though.

Blend: Character Temp
“WASD” to move and “Space” to jump


In regard to a recent thread (karaoke), I have decided to make a rough template on charcter control.

I would put up some pictures, but I am just too lazy. So bear with me Social.

Anyways, I have found this method to work pretty well. If anyone else has found a better way or method, then feel free to post it here.
Just some key items:

  1. The main “mover” (i.e. sphere) has an applied 100 friction. It is under the material tab next to the RGB slider. Press the DYN button and you’ll see it.

  2. I am using a dynamic sphere without rigid-body enabled.

  3. The Armature’s actions do NOT move the mesh. A dLoc is used on the cube, along with stationery actions to simulate character movement.

3.a. With complex actions I usually animate the action, then ,on each keyframe, move the character back so that the body/head/whatever is in-line with the previous frames. It takes some time of getting used to though.

  1. One could make some sort of box around the character using a get/setPosition thing. The box would then have to NOT be an actor and NOT have any bounds set. Although this is all in theory, I have not actually tested it. One would then have to parent the box to an empty with the get/set and apply the same dRot on the box or (not both) empty as on the “mover”. A .blend of get/set can be found here: Set/Get Position

Now, finally, a simple .blend: Character Set-Up



thank you!

What are the reasons for 3, 3a?


Well, first off, I need to clarify it.
The Armature does rotate/“move” the mesh with the respective bones. The armature should not move the character In Relation to the mover. For example, one should not set it up so that Mr Guy does his walking action and moves from point A to B, lets say 3 BU. If the Armature did that and the mover, or whatever is the dynamic, stayed behind, then there would be a lot of problems.

I can not finish now, but will later.

Lol. You make it sound like I go around tracking people who don’t put up screenshots with their .blend file. It’s not like I was going to do anything to you just because you didn’t post a screenshot.

*puts away sniper rifle

You’re crazy. :rolleyes: (You’re also successful.)

Now that’s good solid thinking. I assume that has the same effect as an IK solver in a walk cycle animation?

Well, one has to be socially acceptable, if you know what I mean.

Blendenzo, I’m not exactly sure what you mean, so I’ll just say yes.

The reason why (to finish my previous post) is to make the character still have gravity and what-not applied to it. I’ve tried before making a walk cycle where the character actually moves some BU’s in the ACTION itself. But when one plays it in the GE, then they would either have to move the mover over x BU’s and set the character action back to the original frame (to compensate), or they would get a weird restarting type effect. That effect would not be continous like a real walk.

Oh, and another good point:
5. Make sure that in the logic for the armature there is a still action. It could just be the FIRST frame (it has to be only ONE) of one’s walk cycle (it needs to be his natural position, like standing), then apply an always to the action with a blendin of 4 or 5 or something. That way when the character walks with a “loop stop” on the walk cycle action there is a smooth transition between walking and stopping.

Or just check out the blend