Character test for a pilot - looking for artists

First Character test for a tv serie pilot that I’m currently writing with another screen writer.
Testing especially character’s deformations and animation style.
The sound was taken from Anthony’s dad - Ren and Stimpy, and was used only for testing purposes (have nothing to do with the pilot)

everything is being done with blender, texturing with krita and gimp.
some designs (second character will be changed):

I’m looking for other artists who might be interested to help me out get this thing done, since it’s too much work for one person. I still don’t have any budget, but would like to create something like a teaser for it.
the serie will be based on short sketches, so we would do the first sketch as the teaser. the stories will have political orientation and will be influenced from stuff like: the muppets, ren and stimpy simpsons and more…

would be especially grate to find people in the area of berlin with experience that would also like to create a group and setting up a studio working with blender tools, developing new ones working on cool projects and doing freelance gigs together.
if anyone is interested and would like to get more details, fill free to contact me

[email protected]


It’s Oscar the Grouch after dark!

where i come from we didn’t have Oscar
instead, we had his cousin Moshe

I know you’re going for the whole muppet style with the art, but the mouth animation looks too broad for me. It’s just a personal preference I suppose, but more defined lip animation and phoneme pronunciation seems like a good idea. Other than that it looks amazing. Love the finger point at the end.

amazing. :smiley:

Looks like the honey monster from a cereal advert I think I remember. Very impressive though.

Thanks for the comments.
Denny I used before stronger O shapes for the mouth, but then it lost all the puppet feel which i want to keep. but I’m still searching for the style, between cartoon and the muppet.
anyway I do want to add more control for the mouth. he have shapekeys now, but i want to add more of a curve control.
also I had some manual controls for the hair in the eyebrows using force fields, but they didn’t work out good, maybe because everything was reference linked.

I hope if the pilot will get produced and have enough budget for at least one developer to develop stuff like more manual hair control, fix the spline ik and more
anyway it needs much work, especially to get the basic set for the pilot but with other people it can get faster and better.