character: the gardner statue

hi. Here is the gardner, a character for a scene I’m working on. Made from scratch in blender. Used proportional edit in face mode toward the end and dynamic soft bodies in tuhopuu.

nice model. Texture looks good as well.

Could you post some other views as well? hard to see smaller details from this image.

Here’s another view. Not all that great, but it took some time for this render. Noticing some flaws here and there that’ll have to be cleanded up before putting the model into the final scene.

Very good statute model. My only suggestion is his right arm maybe make the biceps a bit smaller, as it is now its bigger than his shoulder. But still impressive model.

Very nice. I think the pose is a little too rigid, but rhe guy is a statue, ok! : )

Awesome modeling work! :o

Thanks, the encouragement is appreciated. The bicep is probably a little off because my proportions weren’t entirely accurate. I’ll resize that. The left arm is probably too long from shoulder to elbow too. You’re right the pose does look odd sometimes, but try standing there with a broom or something and you can see it’s a comfortable yet proud stance. Seemed like a good one for a statue. btw, without hair and eyes the total number of vertices is 2397 and 2480 faces. Here’s a screen shot without textures.

I like his face. Great model in all. Very statue like.

Updated the top image with the suggestions mentioned here. Hopefully he doesn’t look quite so stiff now. Really appreciate the input, the scene will be that much better. Thanks for the comments.

well what could i add, mh its perfect :slight_smile:

i did not try out the cloth simulatrion, can you maybe tell me what you did in tuhopuu with it?


yah, soft bodies. I’m still at a kind of hit or miss level of understanding there. The biggest change to default settings is the springiness, you may want to tighten that up to around 1 and a half or so. I also set the Collision Distance down a lot. There’ve been a couple of posts with good drape effects but who knows how they did it. Seems like the mesh has to be tweaked every time. Of course I’m using a low poly object to speed things up. Maybe if the vertice count was higher the results would be more accurate. Still, it’s a lot of fun to watch the cloth deform. If you have a fast machine you can easily achieve some interesting results here.

Here are the notes I took from the developers conversations for anyone who may be interested.

(from instinctive blender documentation:)

Basic information on the Soft Effect

The "Soft" effect in fact consists of 3 seperate effects, ranging from
Metaball-like meshes to something that could be called Cloth simulation.

All Soft effects have a "DeformOb" field, which specifies the Object
that should deform the mesh the Soft effect is applied to. The DeformOb
never deforms itself.

The mesh that is being deformed is from now on called "Soft mesh".

The Soft mesh has to be subdivided in order to be deformable. The more
subdivisions, the better the resolution. Note though that the resolution
of the Soft mesh also influences the way it behaves for the "Dynamic"

Common parameters

Field / Collision / Dynamic:
What do you mean by "it doesn't get applied"? The external moving object just goes through the soft body? Note that the normals need to point in the right direction (I think the collider must point its normals towards the soft body).
About the Ext Coll button crash, intrr's blend file works fine. I've figured out that the crash doesn't happen if you do things in this exact order:

1) Add the Soft effect
2) Click on Dynamic
3) Click on Ext Coll
4) Type in your DeformOb
5) Set your start and end frames

The effect seems about the same with and without Ext Coll, so maybe it's not actually being applied? More likely I just dunno how to use it
Ext Coll enables you, like its tooltip says, to have EXTERNAL (other) objects move and collide (and have this detected) with the softbody mesh. Normally, ONLY the movement of the SOFT MESH is evaluated for collision. 
Another random comment: The stiffness of a mesh also depends on its density. To simulate a rigid body, a simple subdivided cube won't do, as it will simulate a _hollow_ cube, made of a sheet of paper around it. To simulate a _solid_ cube, you need a _solid_ mesh, i.e., extrude the subdivided cube inwards a few times.

so I take it you used softbodies on the tunic?

Will it follow the figures movements if animated?

Yah, the tunic. Huge time saver and way more accurate than anything I could have done. Had to tweak a few things but the garment took less than a couple of hours.

Yes you can animate everything although this system isn’t exactly like clothes. There were several example videos that included everything from flags to bullets to a walking skirt. And some more examples at the Instinctive site.
If you put on some sleeves and pin things at the shoulder you could make a good jacket.

The honchos at blender were also working on a seperate system that seemed to be based more on particle so there is probably even more to look forward to over the horizon. :slight_smile:

class sorry, I wanted to say thanks for the nice compliment. Should have said something up front. Glad to hear you liked the model.