character: the stalker

oh yeah…

photoshop CS, about an evenings work, give or take

thanks for looking!

I really love the style, traitor! Keep 'em coming.



ha ha ha ha thats awsome.


thanks :smiley:

Wicked character design traitor. Really nasty looking, without really looking nasty.


Good stuff.

Any plans for making this 3d?


Holy hell. That is just disgusting… in a crazy good kind of way :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing to crit at all. Unfortunately I don’t think it’d work well in 3d :frowning: too stylized.

I call bullshit. Why can’t 3d be stylized?

By the way, traitor, great character.

I call Bull KaKa as well! Just keep your eyes peeled in the forums in the next couple of weeks. :wink:

I have already started modelling. With traitor’s permission, of course.