Character Thin

I am this day make a character
Time : 3 hour

Link picture :



That’s great work. I like the lighting. That’s a really big nose lol

awesome! :eek:

Nice stylised piece…
Colour appeal is very strong.

Time is impressive but be careful… we’re not employers… result is more important than speed!

He certainly has a neat character about him. I’m not sure I like the pointy nose with the rounded chin? What do others here think?

does the similarity was intended?

looks great!

good work!

Thank you all
Yes, model of father caroline

I used a picture for the background and for snow ParticleSystem

node editor picture:

thank you all
yes , model 2d by shane pigmore

node editor

background : picture
snow : particles system

face Rigging test video :

test face rigging video :

then compare to original one ur’s is much, much younger and loosing something compare to puppet in film, don’t like his hairs at all,
don’t give up, u can still fix that, i’d like to see here model 3d as good as in film :o

Very nice work, even if it does not look like what you wanted it is still nicely executed.