Character to set and animate for a simple macro game [solved for now]


i’m an individual creator and i’m building some games for a certain target

the project i need help in is called “walking under giants”:
it is composed by more scenes, the scene i need help is the one at minute 4:40
IGNORE the fact that is in stereo, i was showing an option in the “gameplay”

it consists in some giants taken from various games that simply walks and someone detects you when you are close and do some action appropriate to the target people of this project.

why i’m asking for help?

  • i have lot of project started and actually i’m focusing in an nsfw battle game that is very impegnative to realize, and sincerely i don’t have time to do that ripetitive job for so long.

what i need is, someone doing this:

  • using blender 2.79b
  • set in the right way a character that i will give; you will follow these steps
    • importing it with the .dae file if there is one or with the .obj file
    • i will give you a character from the game to do the same thing i done, so collision settings and shape, armature settings
    • improving the geometry of the model adapting it to be a giant so high details strarting by feet to knees
    • animating a walk action with the rispettive speed from the motion actuator, animation frames have to be “joint in vector mode” (press V in dopeshet editor with all frames selected than chose - vector )
    • will animate a secondary action that generally will be a stomp.
  • all you need here are basics knowledge from the blender game engine, nothing of so advanced but only ripetitive stuff to do for all models.

about payments?

  • i will pay for the single characters good set and animated
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hello i leave you an email check it out!

Hi @Jhon_Firespury_Latoc

I have sent you an email