Character touching a button

I’ve got a character. It is controlled by an armature. The amature has a couple of animations.

I want to have the character touch a button to cue a response.

To check that the button was working, I made a cube and moved it down until it collides with the button. That works. So I know the button is good.

But I can’t seem to get the character to activate the button. The character has a collision modifier, it’s static. The same settings as the cube that does activate the button.

I’m not sure why the character doesn’t activate the button. Any ideas?

You can parent an invisible cube to the character’s hand bone, and the collision will be detected.

PS. Modifiers don’t work in the bge!

Well, you could set up the button push as an animation that plays when the player presses the corresponding action button. Like: If you were using it to open a door, the keyboard button would be “E” perhaps. So, pre-animate the button push, so that when the player presses “E” the character pushes the button and opens the door.

Thank you Jackii. I went out for a bike ride and that’s the answer that occurred to me. I tried it out when I got home and my little character is suddenly in control of her world. Good advice.