Character turns right - problem exporting to Unity

I have a character with a basic walk animation 32 frames long with the starting pose copied on frame 33. Exporting to Unity I had to add keys to frame 32 otherwise the walk animation was more liike a moonwalk. I’m trying to do a turn right animation now and used the same process. The root bone stays in place for the 32 frames and then moves on frame 33. Exporting to Unity I get a serious glitch at the end of the turn. My animation skills are pretty basic and I have no idea about the best way to tackle this problem. I could dispense with the root bone, or maybe just use hips or pelvis as a root, but then I have trouble being fairly exact with foot placement from frame to frame. Any advice would be appreciated.

I’ve attached the blend file. Character comes from loosely following a tutorial by David Ward on creating a Tim Burton -esque stop motion like character.

I export to Unity as a generic rig rather than as a Legacy rig as I want to use the AnimationController and Mecanim functionality (not retargeting, just blending etc).

ETA There’s a note in the file that the rig is more sophisticated a la Nathan V, but in reality I’ve only added finger curl, and a slightly more complex eye rig than I would usually use, not his other fancy stuff. Maybe in a later version.


Tim5.blend (1.79 MB)