Character tutorial plus some models

Well I have been wanting to make a tutorial for some time now, so I decided to make one in the holydays, also I thought I would use the occasion to show a few other models i have been working on.

The guy the tut is about

and the tut:�rdige%20billeder/Character%20modelling.pdf

And a few other models

I would really like to hear what you think about the tut.

edit: spelling mistake.

Great modeling & thanks for the tutorials!


Very well done, my hats off to you

ver nice style on those models…extremely exaggerated features…

hi, good work as usual.
the tutorial is good, however it is i suppose a more advanced tutorial as it is taken for granted that the user knows exactly what you are talking about.
or the user must already know how to use blender pretty well to be able to follow the tute.
some better explanation of what you are doing & how you are doing it would be good.
Add in the hot keys for the features you use, you probably don’t need to go as far as hand holding, but a little more depth would be good.
Great Tute overall, not for the beginner, but a wonderful insight into your methods.

awesome tutorial, thanks.
I’m glad you mentioned the “avoiding triangles” thing, I’m pretty new to blender and I ran into this a lot when attempting my first character and had to keep deleting pieces and rebuilding them because of this. could have saved me a lot of work had i worked to avoid this.

Incredible. Greate Work. Keep it up.

Wow thats insane stuff!

That is a beautiful tute Storm. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, thanks for all the great comments guys, really glad to hear you like it, and find it useful, just great to hear.

Well this tut was ment for people who know the basics about blender, but anyways to make it more versatile, I just added a few other shortcut explanations to the tute, besides the once I already had.

Glad to hear you found it useful.

And again, thanks for the great comments guys.

Nice tutorial. I’ve been trying to do more cartoony stuff like this lately, and I actually find it harder than going for realism! I really like your style too. Thanks!

Incredible! But it’s only half done. :^) You need to make one about the rigging too.

YipeeEe! Thank you so much! The models are fantastic. Makes me want to love Blender even more. I really do hope we could have a global meeting, where blenderheads from different parts of the world attend a conference or something like that. Haha! We don’t have any here in the Philippines. :slight_smile:

thank you for the tutorial

Glad to hear you liked it. Yeah it would be nice to meet others with the same interest.

You are most welcome, glad you could use it.

Simply great. :slight_smile:
Moreover the quality of your personal work is an inspiration.


thanks for this tutorial I can’t wait til I have time to try it, I already looked through it and it looks like you did a good job :slight_smile:

Great work. Although basic character modeling methods are pretty well ingrained in the heads of experienced modelers, I’m sure it’s a great encouragement to those who are just getting their feet wet. And in addition – such interesting and varied characters!

Moved to the gallery.


I like it how at the very beginning you traced over your lines in very thin polys. I’ve always traced pencil lines with edgeloops and then fixed up the creases by adding extra edgeloops in hindsight. I think your simple but subtle difference might speed me up here.