Character Tutorials

(KarbonCopy) #1

Alright, I’m new here, but I’ve been using Blender for about a year and a half now.
I’m going into the 3d feild after school and I need practice.

I was wondering if anyone knew of some tutorials that do step by step modelling of an animation ready humanoid?

If you know of one, i’d really like to see it. Thanks.

(KarbonCopy) #2

Does nobody post here?

(Hos) #3

The reason why I didn’t reply is that I don’t know
of a tutorial that satisfies what you asked for.

I can tell you a few that’ll get you part way there,
but the only way to get good at character modelling
is to do lots of it.

Here’s some stuff that might help (like most blender
folks, I use subsurfs for characters): (<-- how to model Cher :P)


(KarbonCopy) #4

Wow, hey thanks :slight_smile:
Anything is better than trying to teach yourself… . . . blender has soo much to it, that its soo hard to learn by yourself.
Alli know how to do is make like a box and then sub divide the shit out of it. . . . shrugs stuff like that.