character: twin from Matrix reloaded


I’m doing this one for a game art competition over at The theme is movie or comic book super villain. Anyway, I took the twins from the second Matrix.

Some reference photos (for those few who don’t know them):

And this is my first wire :smiley:

Limit is 3000 triangles and max 2 texture sheets of 1024x1024 (like one colour and one bump).


if the limit is 3000, put some more detail in the face, and use alphamaps for hair and glasses.
it’s very wip, so that’s all I can say.

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Aside from detail in the face, try to make round things look round. There is a clear spike in the top of the head.

Good luck… thats some tough competition you’re up against.

The easiest thing to do would be to choose a villain with short hair, but I guess you’re trying to challenge yourself, so go for it.

I like the face dimensions so far, so good job on that, but has some amazing artists… so goodluck bud and show them that Blender R0X0RZ!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


an update; made a first attempt for his coat (hands suck, I know) :wink:

Looking good. I’m excited to see textures on this bad boy.


pretty much finished with the modelling (I’m at about 2600 tris)

and a first render :smiley:

Wow! :smiley:
Where did you learn how to model people well?
A lot of the tuts I find are so mixed up and they dont explain how to do things well at all… :frowning:

Where did you learn how to model people well?

Trial and error :wink:
By the way, I’ve heard many people praise the following tutorial on human modelling a lot: very detailed on all aspects is also great in my opinion (oriented to game modelling)
best tips would be to get good reference photo’s (it’s easy to forget about the proper proportions when you’re modelling) and study wires from models you like

Pretty much finished with skinning and UV unwrapping (neither very good though, still some bugs to work out). I’m not sure I’ll eventually enter it, but it’s been fun :smiley:
Textures still coming.

Why not enter in? I looks good.

and btw: Those tutorials come in handy…

I think it looks pretty good, but I got few tips/crtis. Why not stretch him out a bit on Z axis… making him a little bit taller. Now he looks like a kid in adult clothes, hehe :wink: Also… why did you model the tie? You could texture it and get the same effect, that’s what they do in most games.

EDIT: Scratch that. Just change the shoe size a bit in my oppinion. After a little bit for looking I think he’s tall enough. :wink:

Other than that, I think it’s very well done.


Nice model! IMO when you can tell what the model represents without texture, the artist has done a really good job modelling.

thx for all the kind replies :slight_smile:

blade: Also… why did you model the tie

just had some tri’s over (just kidding)

blade: Just change the shoe size a bit in my oppinion

What, you don’t think there is a shoesize 58 in the Matrix? LOL
no worries, will make it a bit smaller indeed

ThePatrickP: and btw: Those tutorials come in handy…

glad they helped

I’m confused as to why you would spend so many tris on the coat and them model mittens for hands… it’s not that hard to do, and if you’re going to compete at CGTalk it’s a necessity.

You should have modelled the shape of the mouth too, with that kind of tri count.

actually in my current version the hands are no longer ‘mittens’ (not sure if you see it clearly in this render)
the mouth was modelled, but very basical (just for profile shots)
anyway, started texturing the face

Nice… :slight_smile: work on the mouth a bit, though.
IN the pics u have 4 reference their mouth seems wider :expressionless:

So far the likeness doesn’t exactly stun me… :-? Your hairline is way too low. It also looks like the shades were upside-down. The dreadlocks are not visible, the hair looks too solid. The mouth is too far from the nose. I guess he looks better from side view. :slight_smile:

I created a little image to illustrate what I just wrote: