Character Update

(BgDM) #1

Well, not a lot of time lately, (house being sold, new job starting, etc., etc.), so I have been pretty lax in my blending efforts. So I got a little more done on my character:

I am not looking forward to doing the hands. Anyone have a hand modelling tute out there to share? Seems as thought I got the legs looking OK. Just need to adjust some verts.

Give me some feedback.


(S68) #2

Nice model

I’m puzzled by the knees… don’t fit that right with the rest of the character, IMHO


P.S. Hands? Give him claws!

(BgDM) #3

WOW! Didn’t take you long to reply, did it?! :wink:

I know about the knees. I need to fix that. Looks awful right now.

Claws eh!? Maybe build a supe gun into his arm. How about that?!

/me starts drawing up weapons of mass destruction :o


(sten) #4

cool…looks as if it starts to assemble :wink: