Character vertex problem ...

Is there a way to determine which bones are weighted to a specific vertex?

I have a character mesh with an attached armature. I’ve weight painted the mesh to all the bones, but I have one vertex that isn’t moving totally with the bone I’ve weighted it against … it’s staying behind like it’s also linked to another bone. I’ve taken the time to select each bone and weight the vertex to zero, but it’s still acting like it’s attached to something …

When you select a bone, you can see which verticies and the associated colorized weights. Is there a way to do the reverse? Select a vertex and see which bones are linked?

Insights and suggestions welcome. Thanks!!!


Ok - here’s the model/mesh/armature.

Can anyone tell me why the Bicep armature does not deform the mesh correctly? The forearm and hands work fine, but I cannot figure out why when rotating the Bicep armature, the mesh does not follow the armature bone … hmmmm … ideas?



male5.blend (443 KB)

You appear to have run into a glitch in Blender- if you delete the group “spine1” (the one that’s causing the problem) and then in weight paint mode select the spine1 bone, you’ll find that the vertex group is still there, only now it’s controlling just the biceps. My guess is somehow you managed to trick Blender into allowing there to be 2 copies of that vertex group, but Blender only knows how to display one. Anyways, once you’ve deleted the first copy of the vertex group, you should be able to remove the arm vertices from the group and reassign the waist area, and it should work fine from there.

PS unless you plan on having cartoonish distortions, it’s pretty unnecessary to have spine1 and both the hip bones, since in a real human that whole area is an inflexible mass of bone (IE the pelvis)- I’d recommend deleting both the hip bones and assigning their respective vertices to spine1.

Many Thanks!!! I have no idea how I created 2 vertex groups … I did a ‘remove doubles’ on the mesh before I added the armature so I have no idea how the 2nd group was created.

As for the hips - the only reason I modeled it that was was because that’s the armature on the tutorials … will definitely take your advice for simplicity … THANKS!!!