Character Walk Cycle and Other Animation Issues

Hello, I am building a turn-based game inspired by a board game.

This game is a turn-based racing game and I’ve already built the characters and rigged them. I have finished animating them as well.

In the game the player clicks on a button and the character moves a randomly chosen distance. I have been using a simple motion actuator for the movement. However when I try to add animation, the character moves forward and then the walk cycle starts. I want to change it so that the character looks like it walked a certain distance.

I’ve only used blender for a little bit but I would suggest using an actuator. When you add the motion, then add an actuator motion whatever you called the motion, then set the action like normal.

Can you be a little more specific?

Try implementing these settings to make it work:

Thank you, but what I need is for the player to click a button on the screen and the character will move. It’s not holding down a button on the keyboard.

This what I have set up for the character. It receives a message from the button you click which gives it’s move property a random value. Depending upon the property value, the character will move one of three distances using a simple motion. What happens is that it jumps forward and then plays the animation. I need to change so that it looks like the character is walking.

I could be way wrong here but it sounds like the random value given by the property is telling it to move a specific distance. What I imagine you need is for the random value to give a time period for the motion actuator to be positive for, instead of just jumping to the end distance. But without knowing more about your setup its hard to know.

I’ve provided an image that shows my current setup. Right now, the random value gives an integer to move a number of spaces. How do I make the random value give a time period for the motion actuator instead?

Thank you for the tip, it really helped a lot! Now I have a new problem to fix! I’ll be positing it in a new thread shortly.

Thank you again!