Character Walking

Ok I have this question, how can I make a character walk on land with no problem? Like in Yo Frankie, whatever had the Property “Ground” Frankie could walk on with no problem… How can I do that? Like right now my charcter has trouble walking up gentle inclines. Please explain in detail, I have a lot of trouble understanding blender talk still, .blend file would be best with explanation as well. :yes:

States. I don’t have time to go in depth, but if you study the Yo Frankie files, im sure you will figure it out.
Also, if you buy the book, Blender Game Kit, you will get lots of info about Yo Frankie and the state system in that. (Plus a bunch of other stuff)

I’ll have to ask Mom if I can buy that, looks really interesting, butif you could give me an example blend sometime that would be great.