Character warps when moved

We are doing a group project for university but only had a few lessons using blender and we are kinda stuck…the animation works but we have problems with the character. We are using Blender’Vincent pre made character, no problem appending it to the scene and using the rigging for facial expressions and limb movement but when we move the character in the scene it warps completely, arms and legs go wild, the eyes move in different directions, we have no idea how to solve this.
Sorry if there are some grammatical errors but English is not our first language!
No idea how to attach the file :(((

I guess you try to move the wrong bone or the mesh without the bones. Have you checked the blender animation lessons on blender cloud?

You can also post a pic what movement causes the problem.

We just select both the mesh and the bones and press G and move them, or R and rotate them. On some files the rotation works without warping, in others none work unfortunately.
As a new user it doesn’t let me upload attachments

You should be able to upload one image and after 10 minutes multiple.

Without, it’s a bit of a guess what it is. Best is to search again for a tutorial on how to animate a character. Maybe also look into library overrides, which is the new way to use a character in a file to animate it.

This sounds like you’re moving a mesh object that is being armature deformed. When you do that, you are moving the positions of the vertices relative to the bones that are deforming them, it’s like having an armature with bones in the wrong places-- the centers of rotation aren’t where you want them.

When you have an armature deformed model, you don’t ever do any transforms on the mesh object. Instead, you only transform the bones of the armature. Most armatures will have a “root” bone that will allow you to move (or rotate or scale) everything all at once. Occasionally, some armatures will not, in which case you should be moving the armature object (and the mesh object should be explicitly parented to the armature object, not just armature deformed.)


Thank you so much!!! It works!!!

I have the exact same problem. How did you solve it @Carolina_Bonato? @bandages’s comment does not work for me, unless I misunderstand what is being suggested.

For context, I am using the premade character Spring and also a beginner. I have used other characters before, and been able to translate their location with no problem. With spring, however, it looks like when i select the rig and then attempt to translate by hitting g and then moving the cursor, nothing happens. When I pull up the transform data properties it looks like there’s a padlock in all the transform toggles for location, rotation and scale, suggesting they are locked. When I unlock them and attempt the transformation again by selecting rig and moving it, the rig moves but the body becomes weirdly distorted, the eyes get left behind and stretch, and the face warps into something foreign.

I am moving the armature object as bandages suggests but there is still a distortion. I’m super confused because I have made no alterations to the character at all (besides unlocking a location transform axis, without which the character does not move at all). Any help would be duly appreciated

update: wow looks like I’ve found a way. I typically move characters via object mode, but I tried switching to pose mode, and then I selected one of the rig objects at the base of the character and moved it. When I translate or scale or rotate it, the entire character is transformed accordingly with no distortions. This is good enough for me. Thanks!