character warps when moved

When i grab this characters CretRoot bone (under feet) and drag it up a if to make him jump, the left leg collapses, and I can’t figure out why. Does anyone have any ideas please?

Also, but not as desperate, if you pull the creature up even further, a dodgily painted vert becomes apparent, as a little spike moves off the mesh. I can’t find this fault to fix it, does anyone know any useful techniques for dealing with this?

Thanks for your time!

Hey dude i played around with ur character and u had very simple things which you dint notice… like the left leg … in that you accidentally made the IK chain lenght to 3 which was suppose to be 2…also you can add 2 IK bones for the knee so the legs can move independetly and also in a outward motion … and also the vertex wrnt painted porperly… i have corrected it and here is the corect file… hope i was of help… coz me 2 am a beginner and if i was of help i will really feel greatttttttttttt!!! thanks mate and do let me know if i was of help.

here is the new link:

Thanks don007, that was sure helpful!

I’m looking forward to being able to say something helpful here at some point, besides the usual: check out the bsod tutorial.
You’re a helper dude now! :slight_smile: