Character WIP updated (armature shown)

Okay. I rigged the crotch area from my character :slight_smile:

It was quite a hard stuff.

Here is the armature I used. As a newbie, I am sure I’ve done sometinhg wrong. So please feel free to give me any idea and pieces of advices you can :slight_smile:


Your modelling seems top notch! I would like to see it smoothed out, use set smooth in the edit menu. Also more views, I want to see more of the model!

Very Nicely Done!

Modelling and rigging seem top notch. I would most like to see some more up close shots of parts of the rig as it seems to be good focus point of this exercise.

woah that was almost like a double post there…

anyways, that’s looking really good so far. Just smooth all the meshes, and provide some close-ups, makes it a bit easier to give C&C. From this shot, though, its looking very good. Can’t wait to see some texturing on it. What kind of scene are you planning on creating around this?


%| For the moment, I will be happy if it just looks great. But I plan to do something like the posters in guild wars :slight_smile:

%| I think it can be done with blender.

:-? And I would like to animate it, but a rig for a static character and a dynamic one is like comparing a bike and a motorcycle :slight_smile:

:-? View from the back. You can see some big trouble in the shoulder :slight_smile:

I will post more about the rig. I am very busy these days :slight_smile:

From what I see there in the back: Its not just shoulders that are screwed up a bit. I would suggest taking the vest off and modeling everything underneath so you can get the feel of the shape involved and then put the vest back on.

The part that sticks out most glaringly to me is the lower back where the spine can be seen. Ican’t seem to put it to words, maybe someone else can.

I love the concept… I love it!!

Great work, far better than I could do.

He he, zog just wants to see her nude! Jk, although that would help with the back. I think you need to move the camera up, the current view although good for a final rendering, causes some foreshortening which makes it hard to see what needs to be fixed.

SET SMOOTH! you have a great model! Show it off properly!

SET SMOOTH! you have a great model! Show it off properly!

:expressionless: will do chef


hey he is the artist he can set smooth or not if he wants, he put in the time and effort to make it =D

So anyway :wink:

I am in awe of this character! the attitude she has already just in the model, from both pictures has a great feel, and very much the look and feel of those great posters you see of cg fantasy chicks.

got a few questions you say you are quite new to blender, your character modelling skills seem experienced.

Have you set sub-surf to mesh? somehow it has that feel (maybe its the lack of the set smooth illusion)

Was it imported from another proggy (for modelling etc), as in, are you kinda trying out blender from using another package but not modelling in it just yet?

Can we be shown a wireframe? =D

Love to know your background, i really like the feel of your work 8)

Cant wait to see more!

Peace out.

:expressionless: The model is Sub D (the modifaer menoo one bork bork), so the object is much more lighter than it seems :slight_smile:

The whole body comes from an old project I made with lightwave7.5 education.
But it has been heavily modified (topology, anatomy, armor) with Blender (2.37a) because it was an old model and very ugly in the beginning ( I think I will post a view of it even if I have to burn with shame afterward :stuck_out_tongue: ). I made intensive use of anatomical references (topcow comics) and views of Stahlberg’s and Cortina’s work.

I will show the mesh ASAP.

I am still pretty unexperienced in rigging and texturing. But I won’t let down :), I will manage to do something of this. I hope :slight_smile:
Take a look at the finished work of TiZeta… it’s so beautiful :slight_smile: makes anyone humble :slight_smile:

PS : Did I say my favorites comics include topcows, favorite CG artist and reference: Stahlberg and Cortina? :wink:

Haha, neat! Those renders were what had me started with Blender too !

Other than that it’s just a wonderful model, I’m not experienced enough with Blender (nor any other art ^^) to critisise it further.

%| Latest updates. Made a hair barette (closeup shot)

and began to put more color than black and grey :slight_smile:
And smoothed it too :slight_smile:

As you can see (now with the close up :P) there is still this pesky shoulder problem :slight_smile:

This is looking great. I am modelling a character and the shoulder was the worst part for me too. I remodelled it completely about 20 times because it just wasn’t deforming properly. I think I’ve got it OK now but I haven’t finished weighting the points yet so it’ll probably go horribly wrong again.

I used quite a few references but mainly the wires from the Matrix Final Flight of the Osiris, the Makehuman project and work from some guy that works beside Stahlberg.

Can you post a wireframe of the model perhaps? From where I’m looking, the shoulder looks pretty good. Can you pinpoint the bit that you don’t like?