Character WIP

Inspired by multiple sources.
An assassin maybe (with emphasis on the a…#ahem#)

:expressionless: Still experimentating with the new b-bones…

Any advice will be appreciated.

The same thing, smoothed up…

wow! :o thats realy nice! only crit i would have is the stomach looks wierd, its too far in, also click the set smooth button in the edit buttons.
i hope i can model like that someday!!

%| Well, problem is , I am a good, modeller, but an awful rigger :slight_smile:

And b-bones is all new to me. I think I will clear all bones and start with a clean build :slight_smile:

if you want to practice rigging try the gingerbread man tut from the Blender Docs, its easy and will save you hours of pulling your hair out when you move the arm and the body moves with it(i should know :x )
good luck!

That’s a really impressive model! I can’t wait to see it textured. Could you post a smoothed version of it and a sub d smoothed version? I would love to see what it looks like than.

%| well, the bottom screenshots shows the model in catmull-clark. Is that sub-D ?

:expressionless: If not, I sorry if I didn’t understand.

:-? As for texturing, I am as good in rigging than in texturing. :slight_smile:

%| So there is still a longway to go…

First the rigging…
I think that b-bones are excellent for the wrist part…
I think they could be great too for the thigh-butt-crotch bending but I will have to try it first :slight_smile:
For the shoulder part, they could do wonder too I think… I’ll post my impressions :slight_smile: