Character WIP

I’ve been working on this character recently, which I’m hoping to improve…
So any honest critiques are welcome~

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That looks outstanding! Lighting, materials, pose, everything is awesome. My only suggestion is to render it with more samples.

That looks quite nice, i like how you captured the emotion of the character. The hair looks very doll like, not sure if you were going for that look but that would be my only critique otherwise.

I agree with all the above, but would also like to see this character interpreted more naturalistically, with less severe cartoon/anime influence. I’m thinking of someone akin to Janis Joplin in her “Pearl” persona. The costuming and emotional tone are top notch.

Thanks for the replies and feedback!

@chipmasque - aha yes. There is quite a bit of anime influence, since she was inspired by an anime character. I am shooting for a more semi-realistic style though, since her face does look too fake at the moment…

So I’ve worked on her face a bit, widening her nose, lips, and chin. I’ve also played with the particle settings to make the hair less clumpy…
I’m still trying to either shrink her eyes or widen the jaw some more, but I keep messing up her face instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the last image is a great improvement, still a stylization but much more convincing and interesting from a characterization standpoint. The anime influence is still strong but not overwhelming, and I see a child’s face rather than some sort of age-ambiguous elf or the like. I think it fits the overall emotional tone of the image better.

The skin looks a little too much like porcelain atm, but it seems a matter of tweaking rather than needing major revisions, perhaps some variations in skin tone, subtle freckles or the like. The hair starts out fairly well-groomed but gets unnaturally wild, maybe some re-grooming? It does need more samples to prevent it looking grainy – hair is like that, really demands a higher sample count.

I’m once again impressed with the costuming, very convincing; the ruffle in front is primo, must’ve been a bear to model :).

maybe a touch of rimlight, and even like this is very very nice

Thanks, chipmasque, for the detailed feedback! I’ll keep working on her~

Sorry about the samples, but I’m rendering with CPU on a laptop, so render times get pretty long… I will turn it up in the final render though.

For the ruffle, I actually simulated a base with Marvellous Designer, and then duplicated and sculpted it some more in blender. That made the process a lot easier :smiley:

Thanks, nanoradian! I’ll try it out~

I think that she is stunning, really nice job so far. The hair obviously needs to get more samples thrown at it, but I think that you know that.

The only thing that distracts me here is that the background seems to merge too much with her, maybe the rim light suggestion above ^^^ will help with this.


Thanks Speed7! I’ll probably post the final soon~

O my god, she is so perfect! Could you post clay render as well (I am interested to see how her eyelashes are made)? I am sure you will crank up the samples when you are doing a final render and all that. There is just a couple of little mistakes I have noticed. Some curles look bent, while they should fall smooth. Also did you use diffuse material for her skin? SSS could work better :slight_smile:
Please-please, show the final soon! I love with this work.

Thanks Margenta~ Here’s a clay render and matcap…
I started smoothing out the bent curls, and then got a bit carried away with the grooming…:stuck_out_tongue:
The eyelashes are just an eyelash texture alpha-mapped onto layers of polygon strips. Particle hair eyelashes probably give more control and look better close up, but I always had trouble grooming them…
I did use SSS for the skin…I’ll try tweaking it some more so it looks better :slight_smile:

If you are interested, Chebylshev, I will be posting one or more .blend files on Blend Swap soon that have examples of my hair methods as seen at the end of this thread, both head hair “wigs” and facial hair “masks” for eyebrows & lashes. With a little work particle eyelashes can be very convincing, and if you limit the number of keys to 3, simple to groom.

Thanks chipmasque~ Seeing your methods would be great! Your work is really amazing!

I think she is wonderful already :slight_smile: I think it is one of your best works also.

Thanks Margenta :slight_smile: I’ve posted her in the finished projects now~