Character: Witch - Update - Pg 14 - Sept. 29

Hi all. This is a WIP of a new character I am working on. Based on a concept sketch I saw over at CG Talk. It will be a witch when it is all done.

Start of her mask and the cloth head covering.

Image removed to speed up thread

Will add some more cloth and stuff tomorrow.


Look veryu promising…

Which part is it of the Witch?

Slight update. More to come today.

Image removed to speed up thread

ThePatrickP: Thanks.

Fonix Wircs: It is her head. She is wearing a mask.


Oohhh, sexy :slight_smile:


nice work… can you post a link to that reference of youres?

Cool, I like it so far. Looks like that dude form movie called… ehh what was the name… oh yeah! Hell Boy! One of the evil freaks there looked like that.


S68: Sexy!? :o I guess so. :wink:

@ner: Sure! Here ya go ->

I guess it would be a good idea if I ask the guy if it is OK to use his drawing for reference. I will do that.

blade: Thanks.


Cool concept. You’re off to a strong start. I like the wrinkled fabrics, hope to see more.

Of course, this means you’re joining the female mesh builder club, so get ready for my report card :wink:

Woola! Good stuff! Can’t wait to see the body.



oooo BgDM - this is going to be hard… are you up for the task?.. and more important - are you going to model the little demons?

a cearful look at thos deamons really brought me tothink they are the alterego for michelangelo’s angels… very cool reference, can’t wait to see the final result… are you going to add some colors and shaders to it

Another update for you all.

shadowman99: LOL! Give me all the crits you want. I can take 'em! :stuck_out_tongue:

block01cube: Thanks.

@ner: I am not sure about the demons. We will see though. I am currently planning on doing texture for her, but that will depend on how heavy she gets vert count wise. What you see here is already at 800,000 verts.


wow, really great. make sure you submit this to the original maker.
and fix that pose too. That one doesn’t work well.
And are you going to keep her stuff symmetric?

looking good man. i like the weirdness of it.

BgDM, cool model so far!

Execellent model so far. Don’t keep us waiting TO long for updates :wink:

great progress so far. Have you contacted the guy who did the sketch? maybe he’ll flesh out some of the detail in the lower body, unless you want leeway there.
I got a bit inspired (and its been long since I’ve modelled anything) that I started on the demonpets. If you want, and you don’t mind me hijacking the thread, I can post my progress here and maybe you can take the mesh if you want to make a scene (and you like it)

SamAdam: Thanks man. I agree the pose in his sketch is not the best, I will try and see what I can do there. I will fix symmetry when I have completed her.

Modron: Thanks.

thoro: Thanks.

mr_bomb: Thanks. I’ll try not to keep you waiting too much. I am actually on holidays all next week. So I should have some spare time to keep on going with her.

slikdigit: Thanks man. I posted a reply in the CG Talk thread asking if I could use his sketch as a comcept and model her. Haven’t heard anything back yet, but at least I asked. Nic eprogress on the little demons too. Great stuff. Hope we can combine them for a final image.

Hopefully a star on the body today. I am not a very good modeller when it comes to humans, so it will be trying for me. We will see how it goes.

Thanks for all the nice replies so far all. I appreciate it.


He… what a funny hat :slight_smile:

Great fabric modeling!

Ho’ws body going?


See for yourself! :wink:


I think the hardest part for me will be the arms and especially the hands. But I will worry about that when I get there. :stuck_out_tongue: