Character: Witch - Update - Pg 14 - Sept. 29

that is amazingly true to the sketch dude. i like it alot.

Youve got a cool material effect goin on with it too…anything special?

Oh, so you model nipples with 4 edges edgeloops!

I find more confortable 6 :wink:

Great work, keep it up!


Updated - July 1/04


There are a few spots I need to tweak to smooth out the breasts a little more and add some definition. But I think it is looking good overall so far.

cvdG: Thanks. No special materials there. Just some colour correction and hue and saturation adjustments in Photoshop.

S68: It seems you like everything in sixes! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks man.


really awesome modeling dewd :smiley:

I like how you put the nudity warning in your post below the picture, haha.

Ilove the head dress. If you dont finish this one, im going to come after you :wink:

Yeah, you have a problem… I told you to model nipples on hexagonal, not quadrilateral basis :slight_smile:

She has no bellybutton because witches do not have it?

Great stuff


witches are not regular people, they are allowed to have 4 edgeloop nipples and no bellybuttons…

I like the hat, very much. looking great bgdm!


Rolando: Thanks!

shbaz: That was just in case you missed the first one. :wink:

dante: Thanks. How do you know where I live? :o :stuck_out_tongue:

S68: Yeah, I think your right there. I will need to add some edges and shape them up a little more. Thank god for edgle loop cut and knife cut now! :smiley: As for ther belly button, if you look at the reference sketch, she has a wrap and a belly plate on, so no need to model one.

basse: Thanks man.

Well, I am officially on vacation for 10 days. I will be taking this one along on my laptop, but will not have any internet for those 10 days. So hopefully, (if there is not too much beer being drank over the next week), I should be pretty much complete with the modelling of here and have a really big update for you all when I get back.


have fun on your vacation dude. When you come back, maybe it’ll be time to introduce your witch to a little somebody. (crosses fingers)
ps. as I mentioned in chat, phenomenal work.

Actually, although I am a normal well-adjusted human male %| it seems to me that the very interesting top half of the figure does not belong well with the rather the (dare I say it?) ho-hum human-correct lower half. Which one should it be?

I’d go with the top half. I’d wrap her up in a costume made of that really cool wrapped-cloth and continue throughout in the direction that is clearly set by the nature of her face. Maybe this witch, in her present manifestation, is a doll of some kind; her body literally is made of cloth and buttons and so-on.

While I think you have done a fine job of human female anatomy :o … :wink: … I think I would set that model section aside and work with the original idea.

One reason why I suggest this is that a figure with a body like that :-? … isn’t going to have a face like that … and I find the nature of the character suggested by the face to be much more appealing (aside from that…) and with a really good potential to be menacing. The way that her mouth is made, in particular, suggests that she could be a really good bad-witch. She is veiled. Otherworldly. She makes you ill-at-ease. Run with that.

I disagree sundial, if you look at the sketch he’s modelling off of, i think the contrast gives the character alot of its own spirit. As someone in the forum to the sketch observed, the naked flesh gives her a kind of raw, feral feel.

Remember that as of now theres no texturing, so what looks like a nice smooth body now can easily be altered into having different color and texture that will suit the overall feel of the piece.

I say stick with how it is, i think it looks great.

that is really kicking ass dude. the nipples look a bit stressed though,…maybe a 6 edge loop would be better as S68 suggested.

Plenty of women have oval nipples. That’s fine. There seems to be a slight squarish line on the lower contour of the breast. I don’t know if that’s a trick of the light, but that’s about it.

That mask is off the hook! The drawing suggests there’s medals and charms hanging off the “horns”. I look forward to seeing the details on the staff and girdle.

I like the head dress. The body could use a bit of work, though.

A bit off topic: How come you never see inverted nipples on a model? I’ve never seen oval, but I’ve seen an inverted nipple, but no one ever wants to do that level of realism.

The modeling looks fanstastic.
I love the cloth wrapping you did on the mask?? hat I think. Good work ! keep it comming.

looks very nice. Im waiting for the final product.

How did you come up with the idea of making a halve naked witch?

Well, to resurect this thread from the abyss of Page 4 and to let you know that I am back from my vacation and will be going full bore on this again. Unfortunately, as I stated I would get some work done on her over the vacation time, it did not happen at all. Crappy weather and too many kids to keep busy kind of put a damper on my progress.

Now to answer some replies.

slikdigit: Your progress on the demon is just wicked stuff man. Keep on going.

sundialsvc4: I see your point, but if you reference the sketch that I am modelling from, it is very acurate and I tend to agree with cvdG, that it offers a contrast that is scary, and some what disturbing as well, which to me, suits the characters style.

cvdG: Thanks. That is exactly how I see the character. Can’t wait to get to texturing stage here. Can get really nasty looking.

Modron: Thanks. I have tweaked the breasts some, so they look a little more natural. But still, not 100% perfect.

shadowman99: Thanks man. I think I have fixed that squarish line that you mention. I saw it as well. So I think I have it covered off now. Charms and such on the head dress will be coming. No worries there.

dwmitch: Thanks. Body is being tweaked. I know of the problems.

varaug: Thanks.

Blendfreak: Thanks. As for the idea, check out the reference link I posted on the first page and you will see exactly where she comes from.

Thanks again all and I hope to have some updates in the near future.



Welcome back! Keep us updated :slight_smile:


you gotta catch up with slikdigit man! I foresee a fantastic final product