Character with armature and background

Here is a final render of my character. It took one hour to render. I could have spent hours playing with various Photoshop filters, but my eyes are starting to blur. Keep in mind I haven’t learned UV mapping yet. I’ll go through some tutorials soon. I am planning on doing a different background with a full length shot of the model later.
Here it is:

edit: Image replaced. Photoshop smudgestick filter applied

I like it. It is quite nicely cartoonish looking. Keep it up. The face looks a little flat, but other than that, nice job.

why did it take an hour to render? did you use raytraced shadows?

Yes. I used raytraced shadows. I havea better lookig image on my hard drive, but it hurts my eyes to look at it, probably the brightness. The server that I upload my images to shrinks the image’s size and lowers the compression quality, which is quite noticable. The original image is supposed to be 1024 x 768.

Joan d’Arc tutorial huh? Her armor needs tweaking because it’s rugged. Her face is quite ok, I like her eyes.

I changed the image in my first post. A good way to disguise flaws in your work is to apply wild Photoshop filters. I didn’t think the eyelashes were thick enough. This seems to have fixed it. Here is another image with different background:

it’s looking worse then before… :confused: