Character with rigging problems...

I am using Blender 2.40a.

The file will not open with all its contents unless you have 2.40a or better. (can you get better? YES!)

I have the blend file here.

I am confused as to how to successfully rig this character for animation within a game.

I’m just testing my lack of skill right now and seeing if I can remedy it. (the lack of skill :expressionless: )

Thanks for your loving caring support. Well, maybe its just support…


In the .blend, all of your IK chain lengths are zero. Is there a reason you don’t use 3 for the fingers? Does it make it easier to pose?

Whoa! :o I had no idea that I could set lengths… I’m gonna go try that right now.

Thx geckoee, your probably saving me lots of mental trouble.