Character: Woman Face

I’ve decided to try to make a realistic human face and I need some help. What do you think of my work so far? Comments & critics appreciated! What I’m not going to change radically anymore is the overall shape, because it resembles my reference very much. And I know the ears aren’t very good but in the end they will be almost completely covered by the hair.

Yea it is definitely a good model but who is it based on?

The ears look fine to me but maybe do not go into the head enough, seem a little flat.

Not bad…

The sudden flatness on the side of the head doesn’t look too good. I’m referring to how there is line, then suddenly flatness, on the cheek. Smooth that out.

There seems to be a lack of detail on the ear along the borders.


long time no post but I was very busy last week. Today I had some time to proceed. I added the eyes and on the left one started to do the lashes. Plus I fine tuned the shape some more:

thx for the comments,

@ShaBuBu: I used some pics of Christina Milian as reference but my intention is not to have my model look exactly like her, I just want to make a face of a young black woman with a slightly fairer skin tone. You are right about the ears but I won’t change them anymore, because as I mentioned before, they will be hidden by the hair.

I tried to smooth that a bit more, but it isn’t really as flat there as it seems. I think it may result from my lighting setup. I will change that and it should look better when the skin shader is applied.

Man, that looks pretty good. Keep going.

between the side of the head and the front of the face is not the lighting set up. Chances are the edges in the outer loops around the eye socket and the first edges on the side of the head are too close together, causing that abrupt transition. Try spreading those edges apart a little bit, and that “sharp” edge will soften into a pretty feminine curve.

As a quick demonstration: in the left image the ridge is there, but the right image has a smoother curve.
Take a look at your wires to see if this is what might be happening. Another trick is to select a questionable line of vertices, invert the selection, and then hide: only the questionable line is visible. Sometimes there will be kinks you can find and straighten out.

Other than that (and of course the ear issue) the head looks great! Post some wires.

thx for your comments Orinoco, here’s my wireframe:

btw I don’t think my edges are too close together…

The model looks good, but the lips are messed up.

maybe it looks a bit odd but actually the wireframe there is not that weird. I only modeled some bumps there to give the lips a more natural shape/surface. More detail will (hopefully) be added later with a bumpmap.