Character work in progress


the other day I was a little bored and so I open you know who and created this simple character.

I liked how was looking so I spend some more time on it. Now it has a basic rig (with FK/IK switching, maybe better spine controls), and a first try on the materials.

For the eyes I used this method used by the team on Caminandes and modified in this video
the node set-up in for the iris material

thanks :smiley:

I like it, especially the beaver tail.

I teak it a bit more and here it is a test render

still need to work on lighting and (less) compositing

Looking good, tito96! I really like the eyes, they look great! Even though the creature looks very simple, it is also cute. You could certainly get very good results from it, just through postures alone. Are you planning on rendering still images or animations with it? Or both?