Character Wrong Scale

Ok, I have finished one animation with six characters and just now I note that one of them is with the scale bigger than the others, what is the best aproaach that I could do to fix that, knowing that the same character already have 2.000 frames of actions.

I would make sure all parts of the character are part of a single group, like myGuy.

Then create an Empty and dupligroup “myGuy”. Now you can scale the empty and everything should scale as well.

Ok another question, my animation is all ready, but just now after all the frames are set i´ve made a test with the character (attached image) and note that that new proportion is a lot better than the old one, how can I make all the scale from each bone on every frame to be as the new proportion, or I´ll have to go thru every keyframe and change the scale manually…???


Or maybe the best way is to change the mesh and relocate the bones…?

You probably thought or tried this allready, but I’d try to adjust the rig in editmode to the new proportions, and see what that does to the animations. If needed, I’d muscle my way through and adjust or redo the animation, or I’d just continu with the old mesh and rig if it’s too much work.
To avoid the scale issue, I always try to make my characters have a similar scale, where 1BU=1m.
If I need a larger or smaller one, i do what Atom said. That way you can easily scale everything up.

If anyone has some other tried and tested techniques, or just ideas in general, I’d also be curious to hear them.

Thx, Freaky, yes I already have tested that and it only affects the bone and the weightpainting area but not the proportions, if anyone have another idea, please give a try…!!!

If you aren’t planning to animate the scale of the bones, then going into the IPO editor and deleting the curves for the XYZ scale should make the bones stick with the scale you give them. You would have to do this for all the bones, but it might be what you are looking for.

Yeap Daniel that was the solution ive searching for, problem fixed and thread answered thx…!!!