character XD

a work i’ve started for fun ^^ c & c are welcome ^^

hey i like this.
I don’t know where your going tho?..any character concepts?

no concepts was used here, only fantasy in my head :o i have started to modeling this character for a contest in one of the italian community but for some reason i can’t finish the contest, so i continue my modeling with no pressure ^^ ah… ty ^^

Looks great so far! Superheroish, but in an exaggerated kind of way.

Wow, its really good. Is there any chance I could see a picture of the wires? I like the detail in the torso area.

here’s the wire (front & back) ^^ ty all

Nifty Super Spandex! Flare boots FTW! Looks like something you should be able to get out of the City of Heroes character creator – after they redesign it from the ground up in a few years anyway :wink:

lol ty star XD