Character: Zombie

Hello all!

This started as a modelling test, but I decided to try a full render with it:

C&C greatly appreciated!

saeZ / spooktus.

edit: moved image from tripod to photobucket image hosting (thanks Fonix Wircs!)

Nice, nice mood, setting, and a sweet texturing job! i like it!

If you need web hosting, try, it gives you plenty of space and supports hot linking.

That looks really good, I love your textures :smiley:

Wow, excellent job on the texturing! It really adds to the scene!


Thank you for the comments all, and thanks to Fonix Wircs for the photobucket -tip!
The texture setup was quite simple, but it does its work. I’m learning proper UV mapping but I’m not very good at it at the moment. I will keep working on it.

saeZ / spooktus.

Freaking Awesome! The textures on the zombie look excellent! Great topic!

Good pic! a couple things, I think it would look better if you show the pupil…and if the theeth were seperatly modeled-with different rates of ‘loosness’.

it’s a really god job! I liked the mouth of it.

Again, thank you for the positive feedback people!
Cativo: I agree about the teeth. I must confess that I took a short-cut creating them and now I see I should have put more effort in them. Thank you for the tips! I will work on them for next picture!

saeZ / spooktus.

It looks great - textures and model are very well done.

pretty d**n good!
I’d say most of the texturing is perfect, the mouth looks fantastic. I think the eyes are a bit too smooth/perfect looking for a decaying zombie, esp the edges of the eyesocket eye.
The tree? might benefit from some displacement mapping to make it more interesting and to change its texture type a bit from the zombie’s skin.
great work though.

Only crit I can pick out at the moment, is the tree texture. It looks alot like the zombies skin. Unstead of like tree bark. But great job overall.

Once again, thanks for the nice comments! I rendered a new version (slightly different):

Tried to work on the teeth some more and replaced the texture on the tree. The pose is also a bit different.

saeZ / spooktus.

Very Nice.

The mouth texture especially the tongue is awesome. The teeth are very good too with textures.

Even at this new update the tree still needs more work. I believe that unless it is some type of softer barked tree, like beech, it needs a harder bark texture (I dont mean to literally turn up the hardness on the tree texture). Making a simple pattern (or finding one on the net) and then making a bump or displacement map out of it will give you the more individualized bark shingles or grooves of the bark.

Good work, and those are very minor details.

This is great work, I love the mood. I didn’t even know that was a tree :expressionless: Lol, I thought it was some sort of wall :expressionless: I love the details on his tonge :smiley: Great work!

I really like the mouth. and the teeth… they are the best parts… though the image is good too :slight_smile: … I’d hate to meet this freak in my dreams…


So they eat brains. lol. Very good. Are you makin a rotting body too?