A new character i`m working on, just the head and hood so far, c&c welcome


If you are going to realism, the eyes are way too big. Try to define more the shape of the upper nose right between the eyes.

It’s Eminen from 6 mile. Looks good. (way better than I could dream of modeling) The forehead looks too small to me. The eyes should be in the middle of the head vertically, and the hood is too puffy for a sweatshirt hoodie. Maybe you could leave it puffy, but go for more of a jacket look.

Thanks for the comments, some fixes, mainly in the textures and corrections to the nose and forehead

Yet another samll update, i guess i`ll start with the shirt and jacket now

A friend told me it looked like a boxer, so, i turned him into a boxer after a match

skin looks too perfect, needs some minor imperfections, pours, lines, etc. Lips could use some lines on them as well. I really like the black eye look though, did that great, especially with the red eye! Keep it up.

Really nice. I agree with Khnum, I think the skin should be roughed up a bit. Other then that though I think it’s really good work. Especially the black eye, not to repeat things.

Thanks for the comments, fixed the mouth and added some imperfections to the skin, i think this is the last update to the skin, i`m quite happy with how it is right now, ill continue with the jacket and shirt

apart from the lack of forehead, nice :smiley:

It does have forehead, i follow a refrence and that`s the way it is, ill make it bigger, yet another small update

I`m guessing this is the last update unless you have some crits or suggestion on what to improve/add, this is finished

i’d liek to see your model against your references, it still looks as though he has no forehead, and the back of his skull is missing.

i think you might have overdone the blur thing a little too :wink:

This time really checked the forehead, it was a little back from the reference, now, it`s exactly on the spot, about the blur, i added a little glow with the sequencer, i turned down a bit also
And a different spec map

just wonderful progress so far, keep him going he will be great!

If You haven’t done it already (I suppose You haven’t), change the diffusion shader to Minnaert. It looks like skin. Just turn down the “Dark” a bit.
I really like the model itself but it’s kinda too shiny for me.

Thanks for the comments, i`ll try with the minnaert for diffusion, but i kinda like it as it is, all shiny, quick update, added the eyelashes and the zipper of the jacket