Going for a full model… this is the start.


wow, that’s very good, I especially like the material you placed on it. Did you model or sculpt (or both)?

well i got him down to the last nubs before hands and feet… still not sure what sort will fit him…

He is sculpted, I’m not solid with modeling.


OK I’m going a direction with this model which many of you may not like…
I also find that my ability to make hands and feet is not nearly refined enough.
is there a solid hand/foot modeling tutorial any of you know?

I haven’t given up on hands yet… feet… grr I dunno… im digging the potential there is for particles. I have a grand concept for this dude… please forgive the crudity of my photoshop concept…
the render is for feed back and ideas and what have you on the notion of giving him no legs… going for the glowy ethereal magic feet…


Love how your character is coming along! Personally, though, I don’t think you should go etherial with the feet. Sort of feels like a cheat. Besides, doing the feet gives you practice. You can only get better, right? My only other idea, however, is, if u go etherial, make the magical pattern shape itself into feet instead of an ambiguous myst. Great work so far!!

Yeah i agree the feet if glowy should look like feet… i am banging my noggin against the wall on feet… i know its cause i’m trying to sculpt them rather than model… i can model hands and feet… sigh… just not how i want this model to go. the sculpt tools get really crap when trying to add to closely spaced surfaces. any oppinion if i gave him one good leg and a damaged and replaced magic leg?
this is a wizard dude… i have been experimenting with cloth and clothing him more than i have worried about his hands and feet. his hands i cannot avoid doing, they are the source of the magics generating the vortex… also this is kind of a revisit of an image done by Ryan Bliss years ago, he is the Digital Blasphemy guy :slight_smile:

I found Ryans original image.
i plan to focus more on the caster than the spell, this is the opposite. but you get the notion


never mind the banana fingers they are a wip, why are they responding to light so differently than the rest of the model? any ideas?


I’m pretty sure that is a flipped normals problem or you extruded by accident and then right clicked it. In edit mode you can select the parts that react differently, press the w key and there should be the option to flip normals. If it is the extrusion problem then select the extruded areas and delete the vertices.