CharacterDesign: Mudmonster

(JoOngle) #1

Hi there,

Normally I work in 3dstudio max, but I’ve wanted to figure out Blender for a
long time. It’s completely different from what I’m used to, but Blender has ton’s of
cool things that Max doesn’t have. Here’s a cartoon character I did in Blender 2.23
this morning as a test.

(He’s got an attitude)

One thing that strikes me with Blender is that it doesn’t crash very often, now that’s
a good thing - a Pity I can’t say the same thing for max. 8)


(paradox) #2

Very cool character design. Welcome to Blender.


(JoOngle) #3


It feels akward to model in Blender when you’re used to 3dstudio max
but hey - so does Maya - but it’s all the same in the end anyway 8)

There’s lot’s of good talent in this Forum. I’ve been busy browsing
people’s stuff many times (Lurking), I’m amazed to see how
many things people can do when they are forced to “fake” effects
and fancy stuff found in the commercial modellers.

Hope I can get enough time to learn it.


(S68) #4

Cool start :slight_smile:

Welcome to Blender :smiley:


(blengine) #5

oh great attitude on him! great model, the only thing i hate is that he looks like a teletubby =*(

/me gets scared and has flash backs of when he was raped by the purple teletubby

(basse) #6

that doesn’t look ANYTHING like teletubbies…

if it always has to look like something, I would say, this looks like smurf.

p.s. I would also like to know why everybody hate teletebbies so much? I love that phone coming out and telling them what to do. also I like those screens they have… and antenna.


(JoOngle) #7

Hehehe …

Thanks for the kind words guys,

Hmm…Teletubby? Dang…I knew I shoulnd’t have watched these things more than 10 minutes
I guess it has a REAL damaging effect on me. I’d better make a real monster next time :slight_smile:

But you’re right…I have a habit of making “Cutsie-pootsie” characters (you know…cute
characters)…as that was my special’e in the classic-animation course I attended.
Since everyone else seems to make robots, starwars & anime characters I might as
well be the one to create the “cute-character” style un’s :smiley: