Characters and xmas cards

Here is stuff I put together. For the Christmas cards I used some exelent tutorials from blendernewbies and another great tutorial for a non particle flame. Thoughts?


Not much to suggest: it seems that you had a clear project and realized it. Excellent work.
Your cyborg mice are a bit scary.

Now you certainly have a good deal of experience in art and with 3D apps don’t you?

Thanks for showing.

Thanks for responding. I’ve worked with blender for while since 98 about. But have been on and off of it where I worked I did some 3d and 2d. I been through some of your great tutorials.

Is nobody calling it by the proper name ‘Christmas’ anymore? ( doesn’t)

Decent cards though.

EDIT: I see two cards say Christmas but I’d like to see more ‘Christmas’ and less calling it Xmas.

In reply to CD, X is supposed to stand for Christ, although it should be XP technically.
But, I still don’t really agree with it because a lot of people don’t know that X should be XP and it should stand for Christ. So I agree with you, but I just thought I would explain in case you didn’t know (or anyone else). :slight_smile:

On topic, everything looks nice except for the pine needles in the one. They should be a bit more pine needle-ish. But they do look good enough for the style of the rest of the image.
And I like the mouse with the cheese on the head, it’s funny.

Before it was “Christmas” it was called something else, anyway.

I like these cards, especially the candle one. The characters are pretty nice as well.

Nice cards. Are the flames done with blender nodes or are they simple textures?

Good work! i like the cards and the cartoon mouse!