Characters blinking

I was wondering, how do you animate a characters eyelid blinking.

thanks for any help


Read the online doc. Chapter 12, Relative vertex keyes. Damn powerful when you learn to use it.

You could do it with armatures.
First, make vertex groups in the eye area.

edit mode >
F9 buttons > under “vertex groups” click “new” and name it eyelid-right (or left)

select the verticles that the first (right or left) lid consists of
and the press “assign” in the F9 buttons under “vertex groups”

You might want to create another vertex group also from the same verticles [ or the verticles that are closer to the the head and around the eyelid (and that way further from the eyelashes).]
But with this group, you should have the weight under 0.500. This creates a more natural effect when the eyelids are shut and opened, since another vertex group is “holding back” the eyelids’ skin.

now create an armature that starts from the center of the eye and ends
to the edge of the eyelid (where the eye lashes are, the middle of the eyelid). Note: The eyelid should be in an almost closed position now.
Name the armature with the EXACT same name that the first vertex group has.

Now select the mesh/object/head and then select the armature, and parent the mesh to the armature by pressing ctrl+p. Select “Armature” and “Dont Create groups” when the menu pops up.

Now move rotate the armature, and it should shut and open the eyelid.

Do this to the other side / other eyelid as well.

I dont think if I made any sense.

This is only one way. There are plenty of others.

Hooks will make this easy. Check out latest bf build.

hek. But we need tutorial about that. this is a powerful tool. but the possibility is just too vaste. Imagine: A character riged with hook. and some of the empty is parented to bones… damn. This got to ease animation a bit.