Characters blockout (with free download)

Character Blockout give away :grin::partying_face::partying_face: for free

I am giving away all my Character blockouts for free you can use them wherever you want. (link down below)

All my characters are available on my Gumroad just to make things more organised, and they are all free you don’t have to pay anything just hit 0 on the price and it is all yours.
Or hit any price if you want to support my work :smile:

Each character has 3 file formats: .blend, .fbx, .obj

The .blend file includes:

  • Character Torso and Head Base

  • Character Hand Base

  • Character Leg Base

They are all separate meshes so you can use them as a base for any of your character projects

Link to my Gumroad:

I am also planning a YouTube Channel for character creation timelapses and tutorials so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on my Gumroad to get notified for any character or tutorial I release.

Thank you for your support :smile:


Thank you.

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anytime :smile:
you are welcome

Wah, this is awesome !

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these are amazing . . goal is make, a block 3D model, where you can ’ scale ’ each muscle, to make a very think person, of very muscular . . like, a character generator, just scale the parts, around individual origins, to make more large . .

then, you have a own 3d person maker, also any other creature . . need to place origin point, so muscles scale correctly . . you could simply set the local rotation, and place them carefully, then use local scale, to make them large on z axis, muscle, or z, also x . . then, make a short script, where you control them with a slider, boom easy character generator, for a ton, of game . . <3 :wink: . .

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Made a weight painting tutorial, if you want to right, and animate them, you can . .

You could take the meshes, join them to one with boolean, smooth out the models, and have a nice 3D character . . Easy to animate, when you can weight paint . . . :open_mouth: :open_mouth: . . .

Muito Obrigado!