Characters for a short movie... [Sexy Girl Warning!]

Hello guys,

well, she’s not quite nude, but anway, I guess that warning was needed.

Anyway, a little intro… it started more or less like a joke, but in a few days it became a serious project. I’ll keep you posted, for now take a look at the main female character: Chuck :slight_smile:

C&C please! :wink:



man! the eyes! the eyes!!!

srrry but the eyes make her look like an alien…maybe put her on the moon??

I disagree. The eyes are just cartoonized. I actually like it… it gives it a sense of originality.

:ba: Toon girls always have big eyes! :wink: She’s not supposed to be a “real” girl, but a toon one :slight_smile:

Thanks Sanguine, you got straight to the point :slight_smile:

Nice to see human size boobies. I like the eyes from the front. It’s hard to say how I feel about the side view. She looks incredibly concentrated,slightly psycho. I wonder if you need that much white showing on the side view?

very cute face!! just chesk the hands :wink:

Thanks guys…

Anyway, she’s still a WIP, the eyes look a bit psycho, yes, but that’s because they’re currently wide open. She doesn’t have facial shape keys yet, she’s in the base pose :wink: I can assure you that she’ll look a bit less psychotic once I’m done with the facial expressions :wink:

Part of how people are reacting to the eyes might be that she looks a little cross eyed. I used to have both pupils facing straight forward on my characters until I found out that you are supposed to have them at a slight angle outwards. Try rotating each one about 5 degrees outwards on the Z (up down) axis from the nose).

Main other thing would be the lower torso and upper leg region. Her belly looks almost inverted and stretched much more horizontally than vertically. I get that she is stylised, but if you have a look into it you will probably be glad you did.

Good start though!

BenDansie: Thanks for the tip about the eyes, I tried it and she looks much better :wink:

I’ll post the new version of Chuck soon, in the meantime let me introduce you Seb (hmm, guess who’s he inspired to? :D)!

I still need to work a bit on the hair, but for the rest I consider me… erm… him pretty much done :slight_smile:

C&C welcome as usual! :wink:



Hey everyone…

Here’s the first animation test of Seb’s facial expressions… take a look and C&C :slight_smile:



I think both characters will look a lot better with their eyes not at full bulge, I noticed in the animation of seb that when he blinked and his eyelids were half shut, he looked a lot better, and reminded me of the way the dude who did Garfield drew his characters.

Little Red Riding Hood: Grandma what big eyes you have
Big Bad Wolf: The better to see.

Your characters look good but the eyes are kind of disturbing and distracting.
I think you need to change the design of the eyes to make them more appealing.

Nooo, she has the crazy eyes! :stuck_out_tongue: (inside jokes for HIMYM-freaks) I think it might be look less awkward if the pupils were further removed from the nose. Right now she looks like a cross-eyed chich eh… chuck to me. Her name reminds me of men (like Chuck Norris) too but so be it. It are nice models and i’m looking forward to the movie.

Ps: Seb’s eyes are popping out because of Chuck’s beauty? Otherwise i’d suggest to move them a little back inwards the head.

EDIT: I only see BenDansie’s post now. Well, I think he’s got a point. +1 :wink: