Characters for cartoon I’m making WIP

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to show a few shots of my wip character in making for a cartoon. Anything that looks outta place or weird?


Lips needs some improvement for sure.
Nice work on fingers!

Yeah I definitely agree on the lips! Thank you I was proud of those fingers! the feet not so much lol

Added some more tools and changed the lanyard to a retractable(not sure if I like it)
Added some hair but def need to work on some bald spots but I think it’s looking good so far

Starting to color and texture the clothes. This was just a test to see how I wanted to do the shirt but I think I’m liking it but I think I need to add a company name or something it just seems a little too simple

But doing a lot of tests to see what I like on this character. Pretty much trying to finish him now so I can move on. I think I just need to brighten up the whites of the eyes a little bit and I need to do something with that shirt it’s killing me. Been practicing some procedural fabric textures though so we’ll see how that goes oh and I need to do a quick adjustment to the lips

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Changed the eyes. Made the color of the eyes with a procedural texture and made them bigger. Added some safety glasses but those are basically a “rough sketch” they need a lot of work. might add a 5 o’clock shadow or something too.

Starting to work on my second character Roland! The mustache needs work but I’m liking the beard

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Been away for awhile. Lots of life happening lately but I’m getting back into it and picking up where I left off. Still a lot of work to be done but I think it’s going when. I’m not liking that hammer. I can’t seem to find a good way to model it so it looks like it would be used in the real world but I’ll keep trying. I also started a new character I know I know I should finish one before I start another but when I hit a creative block I start another character so I can keep rolling and it also helps give me ideas for the other ones as well so I find it helpful. But here is my third character - Big Smooth!

He actually looks a little different then this already but I don’t have that pic on my phone yet. But I revamped the shirt and thinned his face. I still need to work on the hair more it looks layered for some reason.

Huh. Interesting. I’m working on a show as well. Care to check it out?

This is going to be the main character T-Row. the cartoon wont necessarily completely revolve around him but he will show up more frequently than most

kinda revamped the main character. still not really liking the clothes though :confused: I think I need to take a clothes tutorial lol

Revamped the main character again just haven’t been liking him but I think this version is going well. I gotta work on the beard and mustache gotta thin them out a little and I’m gonna change the eyes a lot. image|201x500

Ok finally got eyes looking great and the wonderful blender artist community helped me solve a rendering problem with the beard and things are looking good with my main character :grin::+1:t3: