Characters for green screen suit footage


I’m new to Blender and wanted some input for this job. I want 3 characters made that will be put onto green screen suit footage. Do I need to have it made into 3d tracking software or is a green screen suit with symbols (black and white for tracking) on it good enough?

The 3 characters I need to be created are lust, greed, comfort, or love of power (3 out of 4).

Please let me know how much you are willing to do it for because I don’t know the going rates for this type of job. If you have an idea for one of the characters, then that is fine also because I don’t require all 3 to be made by one person.

I’m an individual looking to post the final movie on YouTube.

Flexible deadline.

I have used Paypal for payments for Fusion 360 work.

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Hello do you have a blueprint for each character I can make 3 characters for you for $1200.


  • My name is Irinel Alexandru, I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest and I am currently studying Industrial Design and Innovative Products at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.
    I am an ambitious, creative person with some experience in the creative industry.
    -My main softwares are Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Keyshot and many more.
    Thank you and looking forward to collaborate!

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I don’t have blueprints and the ideas for the characters are flexible.

I just need to know if a green screen suit suffices because having motion tracking software or footage is a little harder to obtain.


Hi Hooshyar,

Could you walk us through exactly what you’re hoping to create? I’m just getting a little confused as to why you need both motion capture tracking AND green screen. A lot of the time you only need one or the other, but it may depend on your specific needs. Can you enlighten us?