Characters for Short Film

Okay haven’t posted any work previously. I come from the world of filmmaking rather than 3D, but a friend of mine (no 3D knowledge whatsoever :spin: I know I know) began a project which involved the use of cg (and which I am involved in). We were quite unhappy with some of the work comming in and so I decided to try to ‘learn’ some of the basics (I like to know stuff), and one thing led to another.
Anyhow, to cut a long, boring story short I decided that it would be interesting to make a short animation to test out what I have learnt, etc. Recently, however, I have had to concentrate on completeing my thesis (written that is, I’m a postgrad student, which also means there are probably a million spelling mistakes in here), and have not really had time to work on it. So I figure that if I post stuff here I will (hopefully) be encouraging myself to complete the project, as well as be able to obtain feedback.
Basically, at this point I have four characters in various stages of completion, though the majority of screen time is really dedicated to two.
So, I begin by posting the main character, who is probably the closest to being finalised. I started with a pretty simple (and terrible sketch) which is attached and then have worked until I got to the result you see in the render. There are a list of things that are yet to be completed, including the fact that at this stage his eyes are basically two spheres with images stolen from BBB (which obviously I will be replacing).


Wowsers dude that is simply awesome. Would love to view the short film when it’s completed!

I like the style here, has an interesting form. Any background available on the character, or is it hush hush for now?

Looks like a good representation of your sketch. Has a lot of character. I wonder why you want to replace the eyes? BBB was released under CC 3.0 attribution licence, which means basically all you have to do to use the resources is to acknowledge where you got them.

Looks like something from pixar movies…Just the style…When i look at him i think he should have the Voice of Joe from Family Guy.

Great job.

Thanks for the replies. I’m working on him today so I’ll have something to post in the next couple of days. Basically, I have to give him new eyes, fingernails (which you obviously can’t see from the angle posted) and also a mouth, teeth, tounge, etc.
For now here is the second character. She is not as ‘finished’ as the first, although her basic shape is there. Not happy with her ankles or feet at the moment and her cheeks are a little to puffy for me (although her head is supposed to be quite round). Also I think she’s a little plain, like there’s something missing, but I do want to keep the characters quite minimal so its a bit of a balancing act. Here is the original sketch (again I am not an illustrator as you can see) and the render as she currently stands.

By the way the colour maps are just that, a single colour at this stage just so I can get an idea of what things look like, these are in no way finalised, particularly regarding faces, hands, skin, etc.


i really love the style. do you plan to use hair solver for the girl ??

Yes I do. I haven’t really played with the new particle system yet so I have to get up to speed on it.

forget hair why bother with a miniscule factor regarding final outcome
story, story,STORY !


can i see/borrow the girls’ ears, please.
i am having trouble with a pair pixar-style ears ive trying for weeks to model.