Characters for the Project Golden Age

Hi folks, long time no see.
So, I did some characters for the project Golden Age VR leaded by my friend Rob Tuytel, most of them it’s npc low poly characters. All the models has around 8k to 10k polygons and 2048 textures. Except the last one, it’s a high model rendered in Cycles.
Hope you guys like it.


Awesome work!

There’s a lot of details, looks realistic. :slight_smile:

High Poly Model

this is great!!

Hello Bruno!
I am Marco
I also have worked for Rob for this Amazing project.
I was curious to see the other 3d models.
I think they are beautiful.
Very good!

Great work Bruno,

I am curious as to how u achieved the render style/background in post #2

Very nice!

Interesting effect. Your figures have the look of painted porcelain. Nice work!

Very impressive work here.

Thanks guys. Really appreciated

This effect can achieve with only the vignette, a flor with only shadows material. I can adjust the image by compositor in blender.